Intellectual Property Protection Specialists in Burlington

If you have ever applied for a trademark, patent, copyright, industrial design or trade secret protection, you know how complex the whole exercise can be. And that is why you need to entrust the process to experts in this particular field. Fortunately, you can find intellectual property agencies that can help you to get the right kind of protection for your idea or invention in a quick, convenient and cost-effective manner.

Intellectual Property Protection Specialists in Burlington

If you have a great idea, invention or work of art that you would like to protect against infringement, reproduction or commercialization by other people, there are reliable agencies in Burlington that can assist you. They have dedicated agents that are always up-to-date with the latest laws governing Intellectual Property and will work hard to ensure that your ideas have the right protection. Whether you need copyright registration, or are looking for a qualified trademark agent in Burlington to help you register a trademark for your business, these agencies can help. Their areas of specialization include:

1. Trademarks

By definition, a trademark is basically a word, name, symbol, slogan, design, product shape, the shape of the package or in some cases, a combination of these. It normally serves the purpose of distinguishing certain products and even services from similar ones that are offered by the other traders. It is a valuable asset and a great marketing tool that will make your products and/or services stand out. And that is why you need a catchy and memorable trademark for your business or company. If you need a licensed trademark agent in Burlington to help you register your trademark, these agencies can help.

2. Copyright Registration in Burlington

We live in the information age and the recent developments in the Information Technology sector have made it easier to produce, replicate, transmit and even share content, books, music, computer software and other information-related products. Although this may be advantageous, it also has its own downside, namely piracy. The best solution to this is obtaining copyright protection for your work. These are statutory monopolistic rights relating to the work of an author, music, computer programs, moving pictures, photographs, paintings or screen plays. The protection allows you to keep other people from producing, reproducing, publishing the work or even performing your copyrighted work anywhere the copyright subsists.  

  1. Trade-Secrets & Confidential Information Protection

Every single business at least has or uses information that is not supposed to be shared with customers, competitors or the general public. This may be in the form of secret recipes, the list of clients or any other sensitive information. To ensure that such confidential business information does not get disclosed improperly, you can take measures to guard it against inadvertent disclosure. And this can be done by obtaining trade-secrets or confidential information protection. Here, a person that comes into contact with the sensitive information is barred from using, or sharing it in order to gain undue advantage.

These intellectual property agencies have also specialized in IC protection, patents and even industrial designs. Their services are quick, convenient, reliable and quite cost-effective, and the agents will not relent until they see to it that you have obtained the right protection for your ideas. Whether you need reliable copyright registration or want a licensed trademark agent in Burlington to help you register your trademark, these agencies can help.