3 ways to be eco friendly with your schools marketing

In amongst all of your worries about logos, school signs and websites, there may also be something else very important to consider when it comes to marketing your school – how eco-friendly is it? And by extension, how eco-friendly are you? In these times of increasing climate change activism, being as green as possible has become a much bigger concern to all businesses and organisations – and that of course includes schools. There are plenty of ways to craft a greener marketing campaign – and we’ve got 3 handy tips right here (as well as a bonus, because why not?)

Emphasise eco-friendly aspects of your school/make an effort to “greenify” in any way that you can

Start off by looking into any green or eco-friendly elements you already have and emphasising those in any marketing you create. Is your school’s structure made from a certain eco-friendly material? How about your school signage? How much do you recycle? Do you encourage your students to learn more about what they can do to protect the environment?

If you haven’t made these changes already, maybe consider implementing them and then showing that off on your website, on social media and in any prospectuses (prospecti? Prospects? I don’t know the plural but you know what we mean), you may produce for potential students. This could also be a great way to boost content for those platforms, as they in themselves are important marketing strategies. If you have the right tools, it’s very easy to promote yourself as a “green school” and having this reputation could help promote environmental awareness amongst your pupils. And speaking of prospectuses

Print any paper marketing materials on recycled paper

This may seem like an obvious one, but if you put any marketing materials down onto paper make sure that that paper is recyclable! This applies to anything, from cards to letters to parents to aforementioned prospectus! As also mentioned above, you can then use this in any marketing materials to build up a reputation as a green school.

Go online/use digital marketing techniques

What’s even better than increasing your use of recyclable materials? Using marketing techniques that don’t require any materials at all! Getting online is an incredibly important part of modern marketing anyway, from social media to creating your own website and it can be a lot more eco friendly than traditional kinds of marketing.

Once you have those tools at your disposal, you can begin to use digital marketing techniques to a much greater extent. These include:

  • Key word searches – Key words are one of the primary ways that search engines rank sites – one of the best ways you can get your site to the top is to check which key words are currently relevant and make an effort to include them in any content you produce
  • Backlink checking – In addition to the aforementioned checking of your keywords, backlink searching can also be a great way to boost your marketing campaign. We know this one isn’t as self-explanatory as keyword searches so let’s go into a bit more detail. Search engines like Google and Bing use various factors to measure how relevant a site will be to their users – and one of the ways they measure this is backlinks, the number of links to your site that exist across the internet. Therefore, it can be very useful to check the number of backlinks your site has – there are plenty of sites that let you do this, with some of the most prominent being Moz Backlink checker, SEO review tools. Com and sitechecker.pro. These sites are also great if you want to get an idea of how your rivals are doing SEO-wise, as they allow you to put in the url of any site.
  • Guest blogging – If you’re going to be upping your use of social media and/or building up a website as we suggested previously, it’ll also be good to get some content up on said platforms! One of the most effective ways you can produce a consistent stream of content is to make use of guest bloggers. As you might’ve guessed from the name, guest bloggers are writers who come in from outside of a company or website to provide content. Social media (especially Twitter) is filled with bloggers, all experts in various fields, many of whom will be happy to provide you with all the content you need!

And for a quick bonus idea:

Eco-partnerships – This one might be a bit more elaborate than previous examples like using recycled paper, but it can really work well! Simply find an eco-friendly group, company or organisation to team up with, who are appropriate and would be able to team up with a school and find ways to work with them. You could do some kind of special assembly and publicise that, you could work with them on developing your school in a greener direction, or you could partner up with them for online content, especially if you’re already going in the blog direction on that website. And if you go for somewhere local, you get a bonus of supporting the local community!

This can also work fantastically with our first point, emphasising the eco friendly aspects of your school in any marketing you produce. After all, you don’t have to just pick one of these ideas – in fact, it would be better if you used them all in conjunction. Always remember that the more techniques you use, the more effective your marketing will be. But on the flipside of that, you should also be careful to give every strategy equal amounts of attention, to ensure that they all have the desired effect.

So, as you can see, there’s a whole heap of ways for you to make your schools marketing more eco-friendly. Some of the top methods include making use of SEO and online marketing, emphasising the eco-friendly aspects your school already has in any marketing material and/or printing any paper materials on recycled paper. But it’s also important to remember that the use of green methods doesn’t just apply to marketing – if you truly want to gain a reputation as a green school, you’ll need to ensure you’re environmentally friendly at every level.