Workers Unions in Canada

We live in extremely challenging times characterized by economic instability and flooded job markets. Because of this, job security is quite an issue and some employers may take advantage of this to exploit their employees. If you are unsettled at your workplace and feel that your rights are being trampled, joining a good workers union will give you the security and comfort you need from your job.

Workers Unions in Canada

If you are a Canadian employee who is looking for ways to champion your rights and the rights of your colleagues at the workplace, there are established workers unions that can assist you. They are staffed with compassionate union representatives who can mediate between the employees and their employers to ensure that the rights and privileges of each member are respected and granted. Some of the benefits you will enjoy as a union member include:

1. Job Security

Employees that are not in any union are basically hired at will, so they could easily be fired for no substantial reason. However, if you are in a union, your employer can only terminate you for a just cause, and your misconduct should be serious enough to deserve such action. Moreover, before you are fired, you can actually go through the grievance procedure and even arbitration, if necessary.

2. Dignity in the Workplace

As a union member, you will not have to endure issues of disrespect at work from your dictatorial or moody employer. Even though they still hold the power to rightly fire you on performance basis or due to serious misconduct, you will not have to walk around in the fear of being terrorized or harassed. Instead, your employer will be forced to deal with you professionally and treat you with dignity.

3. Workplace Safety

If you work under deplorable conditions, and feel that your health and safety are at risk, joining a workers union will help to ensure that your employer puts in place measures to ensure that you are well protected while at the workplace. You just need to invoke the help of the union representative and they will negotiate with your employer to ensure that you are given the resources, equipment and the protective gear you need to avoid any possible injuries and harm. Their aim is to ensure that their members have better workplaces in Canada and work under good working conditions.

  1. Better Pay

Another great benefit of joining a union is that you will be able to receive better pay than the non-union employees. If your employer has been paying you much less in salaries or wages that do not match your experience or level of qualification, the union representatives can negotiate with your employer for a pay raise on your behalf.

Moreover, by joining the union, you will also enjoy many other benefits, including medical insurance, sick pay, paid vacation, holidays, better overtime premiums, personal holidays, shift differential, and pensions. Ideally, the union will give you a greater voice when it comes to bargaining for your rights at the workplace. Whether you are dealing with issues of disrespect at work, or need to work in better workplaces, the unions can champion your specific needs and rights.