Six tips for HGV drivers

Whether you are going out on the road for the first time or are an experienced HGV driver, it is always good to pick up tips on safe driving. Your role is about much more than simply driving your lorry; in fact, you are at the heart of logistics, with supply chains depending on you doing your job safely and well. Here are six tips to help you stay safe on the road.


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Secure your load

You may not have packed your lorry, but it is your job to make sure everything is safe and secure once you are on the road. If your lorry sheds its load, you will be held accountable. Spend 10 minutes checking that everything is tightly secured and well loaded before you head off, checking again whenever you stop.

Check your vehicle

Every driver should do an essential vehicle safety check before setting off. This should include checking the tyre pressure, tyre tread, brakes, oil levels and lights. If the police stop you and find your vehicle is unsafe, you could be liable for a hefty fine.


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Take a break

Taking a break is not only sensible but also a legal requirement. Make sure you get out of the cab when you stop to stretch your legs and get a bite to eat; in this way, you will ensure that you hit the road again properly refreshed.

Get insured

It may seem like a no-brainer but if you are not insured and have an accident of any kind, your career could be in ruins. If you are a newly-qualified driver, this is easy to arrange – just Google ‘where can I find a quote online hgv insurance?’ and arrange HGV insurance before you set out on your first delivery.

Don’t hurry

Being in a rush can often lead to unsafe driving habits such as speeding and tailgating, which can dramatically increase the risk of a collision. Plan ahead, check the weather conditions and give yourself plenty of time to complete your journey before your delivery deadline. Don’t forget to factor in breaks.

Stay focused

Try to minimise any distractions by keeping your devices hands-free and setting everything up before you start. Programme your satnav, start your playlist, and set out with the confidence that comes from knowing you are driving safely.