Precautionary measures after water damage

Water damages everything that comes in its way. Water may be due to flood, heavy rain, storm, tsunami, or burst pipes or blocked drainage. Every type of water is contaminated with different effects, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, waste material, debris and soil. This type of water needs emergency removal, otherwise standing for some days will destroy not only from inside your property and belongings but also the foundation of your property. Contaminated water tends to spread diseases and illness which could be fatal.

The contaminated water and materials should be removed as soon as possible to avoid the microorganism to multiply and spread. It is also important to avoid the mold growth which is also harmful for your health and damage your property.

In water damage situation you can trust them and should immediately call the water damage restoration company. They are available 24/7 and work on emergency basis. They have license and trained. They know how dangerous situation is and demand to tackle immediately. If the water damage is on low level and you yourself can handle the situation. But never try it when water damage is of high level. Let the professionals and experts handle the situation with proper tools, machinery and cleaning equipment deal with the disasters at property.

You must take precautionary measures till the experts from Restoration company reached your home. You should shut off your electric power to avoid getting electric shock. Unplug all the electronic appliances to keep them safe and avoid shock.

Shut off the main gas supply of your home, when water enters your basement, it may extinguish the pilot of your heating system. You must put off the gas switches. And check for the smell of gas. Keep your family away from the affected area.

Try to find the water leakage or source of water entering your house, so if possible, you can minimize the water flow. If pipe is broken or faucet is leaking, you can turn off the water supply to stop it. You can try to block the entering of water by using tape and cloth.

You can easily remove small objects from the affected area like rugs, small carpets and furniture. It will minimize the damage due to water. It becomes more important when the water is coming from blocked toilet or drainage, which is contaminated with waste, bacteria and viruses, and risk for you and your family’s health.

Try to remove water with a wet vacuum or mop or cloth or buckets until the restoration technicians arrive, to prevent the additional damage.

Contact your insurance agent if your insurance covers the water damage. You can submit for your claim so that your claim number is ready before the restoration starts. It will help you to minimize the cost of repair and restoration of water damage.

Always make your safety your priority while checking and dealing with the electric appliances and gas appliances. Use gloves, mask, rubber boots and proper clothes to yourself safe from shock and contaminated water. You should not panic and try to remember all, the main water shut off valves, main electric supply and gas switches, to power off them. This will reduce the additional damage, stress and expenditures to your home.