Investment Opportunities in UAE Expo 2020

The business event which is under discussion now a day is Dubai Expo 2020 and as the name states will be hosted by Dubai from October 2020 to April 2021. People will gather from all around the world in order to share their ideas. Expos are the world’s third-largest non-commercial events. The first category is of Olympics whereas second is of FIFA World cup. Dubai 2020 is the first expo which will be introduced by the Middle East, South Asia, and North Africa as it is likely to attract 25 to 30 million people around the globe of which 70% will be foreigners.

The idea of Expo 2020

The idea of Dubai expo 2020 is “connecting minds, creating the future”. The logic lies in the strategic site of Dubai as it lies in between East and West regarding business setup in Dubai. It offers the medium which unites both financial systems. Dubai Expo presents an ultimate opportunity for entrepreneurs to make use of this chance through working together, moving toward new ideas and building a better place.

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Business Opportunities in Expo 2020:

Expo 2020 will unlock the door of opportunities for both large-scale divisions as well as for Small and Medium Enterprises known as SMEs. The regions where it is predictable to positively impact the most are as following.

Real Estate:

Real Estate is one of the most profitable sectors growing rapidly in Dubai. Because of Expo 2020, people approaching from abroad will look forward to purchasing properties in Dubai. A great option for overseas investors will also be buying districts for business setup in Dubai Free Zones in order to get hold of benefits like entire ownership and no tax.

Construction Industry:

The construction industry is flourishing these days in Dubai. The government has already devoted to the advanced technologies. They are cooperating with international dealers for the import and export of raw material. Moreover, these projects will involve human resource, architects, and engineers. People having skills in these areas will have grand opportunity to come and join these businesses.

Oil and Gas:

This is the sector which is generally operated by Arabs. The investors have opportunities to initiate their relevant expertise as the theme of Dubai Expo is revolving around for the progress and development in this sector.


Dubai has launched tax-free zones which are next to airport and seaports that were established to sponsor trade. The purpose of Dubai’s strategic location is to provide great trade opportunity designed for Western and Eastern industries. The basic purpose is the import and export of production material, furniture, and garments etc.

Food Industry:

The current population of Dubai is 2.7 million which involves more than 70% emigrants. People from states like India, Pakistan, Philippines, Iran, Bangladesh and the Western communities also reside here. Due to this variety, food chains are flourishing as they have such a big target market. Expo 2020 will supply greatly as tourists will arrive from different areas having different tastes so food chain will have a range of options to offer.