Innovative Business Solutions in Toronto

If you want to properly manage your time and increase the productivity of your business or company, you must have the right systems in place. Luckily, there are a number of well-known companies which can provide you with innovative attendance, time and labour management solutions. These things are uniquely designed to enhance the efficiency, performance and productivity of different kinds and sizes of businesses.

Innovative Business Solutions in Toronto

If you want to enhance the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your business in Toronto, you can acquire advanced time and labour management solutions from companies that are renowned for providing great business solutions. These have qualified specialists that will help with the implementation and servicing of the different systems. If you need a superior quality time and attendance system or hand punch terminal in Toronto, these experts can help. For instance, they normally offer:

1. Hand Punch Biometrics in Toronto

These are special types of systems that work by accurately measuring the size, as well as shape of employees’ hands and storing the data as unique templates. Whenever a specific employee places his/her hand under the scanner, the device is able to recognize that hand by quickly matching it with the template that is stored in the system. Moreover, their systems are accurate, efficient and convenient and can be used by businesses of different sizes to perform simple functions like clocking in and out, or complex ones, like labour costing. If you need a unique hand punch terminal in Toronto to help you streamline your operations and enforce your pay rules, these companies can help.

2. 3D Facial Recognition Tools

These experts also offer great 3D facial recognition solutions that use face-recognition technologies to precisely and correctly identify your employees. Moreover, you can seamlessly connect the devices and systems to your Ethernet, internet connection or VOIP for greater efficiency. Most businesses prefer this option since it is touch-free, hygienic and more effective than the hand-recognition and fingerprint readers. Moreover, by using the 3D facial analysis, such a system cannot be fooled by the two-dimensional photographs.

3. Photo ID Solutions

These companies also offer great photo identification solutions, which help to speed up and simplify the whole process of issuing security identification cards. Ideally, the process usually starts by transferring the ID data, such as the employees’ names, numbers and departments into a computer. A photo is then taken using a digital camera. After this, the badging software is able to combine the organization’s logo, the photo and identification data in the specified badge format. The cardholder data that is stored in the file server database or PC may be used to develop comprehensive security reports, data management or in access control systems.

These companies also supply businesses with unique, durable and lightweight racks to help keep them organized, as well as time zone, calendar and digital clocks, employee clock-in systems, access control systems and time and attendance modules. They also offer a range of superior quality data collection solutions for different businesses. Whether you want to purchase a good time and labour management system or are looking for suppliers of superior hand punch biometrics in Toronto, these companies can assist you.