How to choose the most suitable waiter outfits with casual bars or 5-star restaurants

Are you managing a casual cocktail bar instead of a glamour 5-stars restaurant? Whatever is the answer, if you are going to read this article probably you are looking for suggestions about how to choose the right waiter outfits according to the level, the style and the audience of your bar or restaurant.

Waiter uniforms, as well as furniture and menus, are a primary element in hospitality management and communication, because they transmit to the guests the values of the place where they are going to spend their time. Also, they concur to mark the uniqueness of services and products, and the differences with your competitors so, how to choose the most suitable waiter outfits for casual bars and 5-stars restaurants? Here we are with some tips to help you.

Classy waiter outfits for 5-stars restaurants and top-level clubs

If you manage a 5-star restaurant, a top-level night club or a glamour winery shop, waiter outfit must be elegant and polished. What does it means?

First of all, it must respect an exact dress code made up of some basic elements such as:

  • Shirt, both for waiters and waitresses.
  • Jacket for maitres or sommeliers.
  • Vestor Apron, small or long, for servers, waiters and waitresses.
  • Optional: Ties and Bow-ties.

Also, the choice of the fabric is very important in order to ensure a classy impression on your guests. You can find several high quality fabrics online as well as in the specialized shops, but they could be very expensive. Also, keep in mind that servers’ work wear could be damaged due to accidents or frequent washings. This is the reason why we suggest you to choose a modern and innovative material like the Shiny-Satin Gabardine. It is a 100% polyester fabric with a special shiny-shimmering effect. Also, it is a wrinkle free material so that your staff will always look smart and polished.

What about the colors? Black and White are always a right choice even if Blue and Grey suit with summertime or open-air events, for example, or the most elegant restaurants by the sea.

Casual waiter uniforms for pubs, bars and coffee shops

Informal uniforms and modern work wear suit perfectly with pubs, bars and coffee shops attended by young adults. Even if the staff’s outfit can be informal, it doesn’t mean that there is not a dress code for casual waiter uniforms as well as for the classy ones. Basic elements are the same, what changes are fabrics and colors.

The most suitable fabrics for informal waiter’s uniforms are denim and hemp. The first one is the right choice if you manage a modern coffee shop where everything, from the tables to the walls, remembers an old factory. This is the minimal or industrial style, a top trend in Hospitality industry. The second one is surely what are you looking for if you manage a modern vegan restaurant or a bio pastry shop, for example. Hemp is a 100% natural fabric with a rustic weave. It will give to your guests the impression of being in a place that respects nature, from the table to the uniforms of the staff.

What about the colors? Natural shades of the fibers are welcome as well as odd colours. You can choose your brand color, for example, without worrying about being formal. If you want to choose a daring color that is in line with the style of your bar, it will make your style more recognizable so, why not?