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With the dynamic world of business trends being experienced not only in Canada, but also the world over, industrial shelving in Edmonton has taken a new path in the recent past. Industries such as the manufacturing, production, food, storage and automobile sectors require different types of shelves to properly undertake their activities. There are different factors to consider before choosing the right type of shelves for your business. They include the cost of the shelves, type of shelving raw material, amount of space to be occupied, and the role of the shelves, just to mention a few.

An analysis of the above factors will help you make a decision on the best shelving system. Below we look at some of the most popular industrial shelving systems in Edmonton.

  1. Rivet Shelving –

Rivet shelving is an ideal type, especially for industrial warehouses. Basically, the shelves are stacked and joined one on top of the other using rivets. They mainly come as either single or double rivet shelves. The difference is in the weight which each can hold and the size of the shelves themselves. The double rivet shelves are commonly used to hold heavy materials, such as Edmonton used tools  in a garage and products in a warehouse.

  1. Cantilever Rack Shelving

This type of shelving system is specifically used for storing long products, either vertically or horizontally. Industries that use pipes, timber, poles, siding and other long products have cantilever racks as their best option for shelving. They are made in such a way that they can hold these kinds of products, allowing ease of access.

  1. Flow-Thru Shelving –

Especially for warehouse shelving systems, the process and procedure of entry and exit of products is very influential to the type of shelving used. The flow-thru system is adopted in warehouses operating on a first in first out (FIFO) basis. The shelves are fitted with either wheels or in a way to allow a natural sliding movement, so that the first products to be placed on the shelves from one end will be the first products to be unloaded from the other end. In the long run, the sequence repeats itself, allowing for easy movement of products.

  1. Wire Shelving –

Just as the name suggests, wire shelving systems are just like the rivet or steel shelving, only that they are made of wires. The advantages of this type include, but are not limited to ease of location of products stored, allowing free air circulation, which makes it ideal for industries dealing with perishable products such as food, and also the fact that they do not hold and accumulate dust.

However, they are not as strong and stable and hence, not ideal if the used tools and products held are heavy in nature. With an increase in demand, the industrial shelving in Edmonton  service has grown and currently has many suppliers. This is good news for industrial businesses as the increased supply leads to a decrease in prices of the services, saving you and your business money.

However, there are different types of shelves which fit the different industrial needs of businesses and therefore, you need to understand the shelving needs of your business before contracting an industrial shelving expert to install the shelves for you.