First time Visiting London? How Tourist Attractions Maps, Metro Maps, Walking Maps Helps

London has been the most visited tourist destinations all across the world for several decades. If you are visiting this place for the first time, then you can make a few mistakes. Some of them can even cost you a lot of money and spoil your trip. Not just it will waste your holiday time but also can deprive you of the best experience of your trip.

We have collected some of the common misconceptions that you need to watch while planning for your trip to London. Also, there are a few tips discussed that you should consider when you actually arrive at the place.

Failing to make the best use of the available public transport

London has got an impressive line of public transport network that includes buses, trams, river buses, and trains. Some of the services require some research to understand, but it will save your time, energy and money. A proper understanding of public transport will help you get to the city easily and comfortably.

It is advised to get an Oyster card to make your trip a lot comfortable and easier. It automatically executes payments throughout various transport channels. So, you no more need to stand in long ticket lines and fiddle around the change.

Underestimating walking distances

To view amazing sights in London, you may require to cover long distances by foot. Without proper shoes, your journey can become tiring and pathetic. You may not be able to visit all your planned tourist spots and this would make your trip miserable.

To prevent such occurrence, it is important to wear comfortable shoes. In this way you would not feel worn out. It will save your valuable energy in walking around the other attractions and museums.

Hiring a taxi to commute between the airport to the hotel

One may feel tired after landing in London. What tourists couldn’t realize is that the airports of London lie on the extreme city outskirts from Central London. Hiring a Heathrow Express train is a cheaper and effortless way to reach to Paddington Station. From here, it takes only fifteen minutes to reach your hotel.

Underestimating the temperature

The weather in London is unpredictable. You should be well prepared to face different types of weather conditions. Some of the common types of weather conditions include constant rain, cold and hot. It makes sense to be prepared when you wish to travel.

The best available option is to pack a lot of layers so that you can easily carry them when it gets colder or hotter. Remember to ensure that the top layer is completely waterproof.

Staying outside Central London

There is no doubt that London is an expensive city. People who have a tight budget would be tempted by the option to get budget properties outside this city. But in reality, it will cost you a lot more. It is beneficial to get accommodation in a nearby cheaper hotel.

Underestimating the museum’s size

Allow a lot of time to see around the various best and biggest museums in the world. The London Museum presents an amazingly vast collection of artifacts close to eight million items. Viewing all these artifacts may take a lot of time. You will realize that this activity has taken up half of your day.

There is not just one museum but several museums too. To know more about London tourist spots, click on So, it is important to plan your trip accordingly to do justice with other tourist spots as well.


It is important to prevent these errors to make your visit to London a lot more enjoyable.