Are Trading Coins a Good Investment?

Having a lot of money on your account is something that everyone dreams about. People who actually have it, think about how to make it a great investment and turn this money into something valuable or something that will be worth even more in the future.

Everyone would like to leave a legacy to their children and make the best for the family. Our whole life turns around the people we love. Everything we do, everything we work for, and all the struggle in our life would be worthless if we have no one to give this effort to. See more about this here.

That’s why when a person manages to do something with their life and earn enough money to turn it into an investment, they’re thinking about what they are supposed to do with this money. In this article, we’ll talk about the trading coins and are they a good investment?

Depends on what kinds of coins

There are so many options when it comes to trading coins. There’s the difference in the material, the historic value, or the collector’s value.

What they used to be in the past is no more. Silver made coins were considered a valuable payment method for thousands of years and up until the 1920s when the US Dollar took over.

Today, the trading ones are just a way to make an investment from your physical paper money or as a part of the collectors’ world. Depending on which of the categories they belong to, their price can be different too.

Historic value

Among the precious metals, silver is the one that is the least desirable. It wasn’t like this before. For ages silver was the metal that was used to pay for goods. This is why the most expensive coin in the history of trading is made of silver.

It is the flowing hair silver copper dollar from 1794/95 was sold on an auction from a whopping price of 10 million dollars. The reason for this is that this is the official first one that was minted in the US government minting facility. It has an enormous collector and historical value. See more about this here:

There are lots of others who exceed the amount of the material and are sold for millions just because of their rarity and importance of the world’s history. If you think you have something valuable like this, it’s best if you go to the people who know these things and ask them to evaluate it.

Collector’s value

The collector’s value is almost always the same or very similar to the price of the material in which the coin was minted. The reason for this is because unless it’s a rare piece, then the price is dictated by the price of the metal on the market.

If you own a golden piece from 100 years ago, and this is something that some other 100.000 people also have, chances are big that it’s worthless in the means of historical value. It has a collector’s value, but it is almost the same as the price of the gold on the market

Type of precious metal

Having a coin that’s made of silver is almost worthless. Silver has an ultimately lowest price on the market among all the other precious metals. Golden ones, on the other hand, are much more valuable. The price of this material at the moment is around $1.616 per troy ounce.

At the same time, this is not the most expensive of them all. If you have trading bullion made of palladium, then each one is probably worth over $2.570 per troy ounce as every coin is usually made to weigh one troy ounce. And, if you own Rhodium ones it means you own trading coins worth over $11.500 each. Cool, huh?


The short and clear answer to the question is it worth to invest in this would be – yes. The prices of precious metals are never dropping significantly over a longer period, so you can be sure that your investment is safe. When the right time comes, you can turn around these coins and get the actual money back.