6 B2B Lead Generation Strategies that will work in 2020

A lead is not a prospective customer. A lead is a handshake away from buying your services/product. You have aware of prospective customer’s business needs. You have identified how your service/product could benefit the customer.

The creation of good leads is crucial for b2b growth. Having a list of leads can help to establish and maintain a steady growth of the business. It acts as ultimate B2B Lead Generation Strategy for business.

It has been proven that a combination of both inbound and outbound links is the best way to create a pipeline of leads. The outbound links is an opportunity to connect with leads. The outbound links provide information available on other sites relevant to the current topic. The inbound links are to create awareness of your product/service and establish your credibility in the business world. The outbound and inbound links generate 32% of leads each. Both strategies are equally important for the b2b marketing industry.

Here let’s take a look at 6 B2B lead generation strategies that will yield results in 2020.

  • Optimization of Website
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC – Pay-Per-Click
  • Database Marketing

Optimization of Website

The website is the identity of your brand/service/product. Hence, an appropriate website is very important for any b2b business. An optimized website is crucial for generating leads to the website. An error in the website and the speed with which the website loads is a decisive factor. The ability to identify the viewer defines the b2b strategy of the business. In that short time, your brand identity is either built or not in the viewer’s eyes.

Content Marketing

Content gains the viewer’s attention and interest. Content marketing is a time framed strategy with intermittent goals. It is one of the best ways to gain the trust of the prospective customer and drive them through the sales channel. It provides prospective leads for you to follow up. A classic example would be Xerox’s strategy of a list of tips for the business owners. It fetched amazing results with 70% of companies visiting the site. The strategy was a success with the addition of 20,000 new contacts. The other part was 1000+ scheduled appointments.

Content marketing is a huge space open to exploring. It is entirely dependent on the strategy designed by the B2B companies on how to generate leads.

Search Marketing

Organic search marketing strategy has worked in generating leads in the b2b industry. To get your link listed in the first 5 or 10 on search is the first step to organic search. Emphasis is on listing, as the attention span of the searcher is found to be less than a few seconds. Users take a few seconds togo through the list. With the right selection of keywords and links, you can gain the attention of the viewer.

Email Marketing

From the time email came into existence, email marketing is going steady.Despiteother new channels email marketing has retained its top spot in b2b marketing strategies. With CRM’s in the picture, email marketing has changed its course with automation tools available to choose from. The tools enable us to send them targeted emails personalizing the emails accordingly. Data and automation tools are aiding marketers to figure out smarter ways to target users with emails.

PPC – Pay-Per-Click

Content Marketing and Email marketing grow with time. The strategies yield results when they are designed with quarterly or yearly timelines.PPC is one of the easiest at the same time an expensive strategy to put in place. The strategy works wonders when you are sure of the target audience. One factor you need to focus on is the ‘Adblock’ feature. People might choose to block the advertisements. There is a choice of posting the advertisements in several ways online.

Database Marketing

Although it sounds old but yes it can play major role in altogether lead generation strategies whether in terms of PPC ads, email marketing. So what is database marketing? It is list of customer’s information recorded in various custom fields such as name, address, direct dials and emails etc. This information is collected directly from public forum, third party vendors like database service provider and lead generation tools with the help of human research and machine learning algorithm. You can use database for email marketing purpose and cold calling, it is up to the business to do it by themselves or save time and hire the Outbound Call Center Services and get the job done

All Together

Together all the above 6 are the strategies to establish a connection with the customer. The above strategies work at different levels. For example, Social media strategy can be effectively used when you are trying to get customers to notice you. Search Marketing is another way to gain the attention of the visitor. Email and PPC are next-level marketing strategies where you approach to make a definite sale. And Even Database marketing can be used with the combination of both inbound and outbound lead generation method

It is all about driving the right traffic down the sales funnel. The combination of strategies, when used effectively, can generate leads and increase the ROI in b2b business.

Author Bio

Punitha has been writer at Arishna Data Communication Pvt Ltd, she previous have worked as IT consultant and now continue her hobby in writing, particularly in business niche. Punitha is Bangalore based author started working as freelancer after the break from IT Sectors and have written many articles related with inbound call center, outbound call center and all about home based work like data entry services