The brands have an infinity of digital tools to optimize their content and position themselves in the search engines, that is, SEO, the main technique that continues to be a guarantee for companies when establishing a virtual identity and achieve a great reach.

According to Borrell Asociates, the investment in digital marketing was 65 billion dollars in 2016 and is expected to reach 79 billion in 2020. Specifically, having social networking pages and maintaining a strong presence in social networks is important, both for brand and marketing purposes, so that best practices help improve search engine performance on the site. If you are thinking about “How to get more Pilates clients?” there are aspects that can be used to improve search engine optimization or SEO with networks:

Create posts for “searchable” social networks. Google and other search engines show posts on social networks and in search results. The right thing to do is to try to search for certain keywords to see what tweets appear in the results. It is a way to increase the SEO performance of the site almost instantaneously, you only need publications on social networks optimized for search engines.

Ask. Although it is not part of the strategy, you should always ask, since if you want people to tell your brand on social networks, you can ask for it, since besides being an account, netizens perceive that it is a person, as long as it is sufficiently involved with the users and public of social networks.

Metrics While the number of followers is important, among the “likes”, likes, RT and other metrics will affect the performance of publications in SEO terms, however, they are not the main objective. According to Blog Brandz, search engine crawlers will continue to prioritize the content that has many “likes” or RT because they will notice it “more popular”, however, adding fake retweets and irrelevant “likes” will only punish your Social network profiles for bad SEO practices.

Beware of “shares”. Brands should be careful never to send spam to their social networking pages with links, since doing so too often is counterproductive, as there is an effective way to achieve that: produce content that can be shared. According to studies, users are more likely to share the content they find online, if it is identifiable.